Face Arcade, crazy face controlled Google hangout games for everyone

Face-ArcadeFace Arcade is a collection of four face controlled Google+ hangout games. Nod, jump, turn around like crazy to play these fast paced mini games and watch your friends bang their heads to beat your score, in real time. LOL garanteed.

Hats off to team Resn for this hilarious piece of art, they truly set new standards for face controlled hangout games! Hold your breath and jump to the next page to watch Face Arcade official trailer and start a game with your friends.

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Play with faces: add your images to Google+ Hangouts

So you’re having a great time with Google effects but you wish you could add your very own images to your Google+ Hangout? Then Play with faces is the app you need.

Play with faces Google+ Hangout appIt’s developed by a Kiev-based team of cool Ruby on Rails engineers. Here’s how it works: start a hangout from the app website or from the red button after the jump, upload any PNG image file into your hangout via the application menu and place it anywhere on the screen with excellent precision.

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Pro Studio: must have app for hangout hosts

Pro Studio Hangout AppPro Studio gives more control over your hangout. It lets you manage participants very easily and helps you to keep the conversation flow nicely.

It adds a control panel on the left hand side of the hangout interface, where you can see the status of your hangout (public or not), the participants list and a red icon next to those who raise their hand to ask a question. You can also manage topics and sequence them in a dedicated window, so everyone can anticipate what’s coming next.

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